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I know there are some Evan fan out there still not over Heart Of Darkness, and now that we know Gabe will be back I don’t see how Evan returning (possibly as a beast … who knows) would be impossible !

He was more than just a guy working at the precinct, he was a good friend to Cat and sacrificed himself to save her and Vincent.

So if you too want Evan back say it loud with us on Monday by helping trend #BringBackEvan at 5pm EST. 

The writers are working on the scripts so it’s high time to make them know how important this character is to us =}

Spread the word and feel free to repost this info pic and send it to all your friend.

I need Evan back, i really need it ! 

If you have question contact me (Brit) and Frauke via :

or on twitter : @britcroft & @BatB_tBitB

and don’t forget to sign the twitition for his return : HERE

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