Save Each Other

Tonight a new episode of Beauty and the Beast, 9/8c on the CW.

promo video(s)episode stills - edits on the ep - 

We need to make some noise so here whatcha you can do :

  1. tell TVGuide you’ll watch the ep and leave a comment (clicky)
  2. you can watch the promo vid and comment on the official youtube channel of the CW (clicky)
  3. check in on get glue a little before 9pm EST to get the sticker (international fans if it’s too late just check in before bed and leave a few comments for US beasties to like and comments on !) (clicky)
  4. join the twitter party at 6 and 9 pm EST (Nina Lisandrello, aka the sassy Tess will be tweeting tonight) all info for trending thx to @doryevans clicky
  5. Set your dvr if you’re in the us and make sure to replay the ep with ads asap to be counted in the ratings and all !

If you have questions just come to me i’ll do my best to help or redirect you to someone that can answer.

I’ll make another post a little before the first trending don’t worry !

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This blog is dedicated to the new hit series Beauty And the Beast. You'll find tuns of graphics/edits on all characters and ship, all the info on the show, a Fic Rec list, and even some goodies (wallpapers, icons ...).

Enjoy the blog and feel free to make suggestion to make it better =}.

aka 'the Evil Queen'

Status : Request CLOSED, but you may make suggestion and i'll see what i can do.
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