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Fanfiction PosterThe Beast and Me by DarkSigyn (or on

Beware and read the TW before you start ok ! (on the sidebar)

So if you still don’t know Frauke is my fav fanfic writer ! This fic is amazing, diary style, Cat’s POV and a daily post that will keep you hanging I PROMISE, why are you not reading yet ? I don’t get it !

Plus love the banner made by beastlypadynlecki that she uses on the tumblr =}

This one and TBITB are so my fav fanfics EVER !

Darksigyn is currently re-working this one to be published and I am SO FREAKING EXITED ! I cannot wait to buy it and read it ;) I would so recommand you the same … (well … adults only though eheh !)

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Where does your garden grow?
Tell me the secrets that you know
Another time, another place

Cross the line, redefine
Lose your mind, come crawl inside

I’m not the only one

This blog is dedicated to the new hit series Beauty And the Beast. You'll find tuns of graphics/edits on all characters and ship, all the info on the show, a Fic Rec list, and even some goodies (wallpapers, icons ...).

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