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Sorry i wasn’t on much …

Work this week was unexpectedly hard! It took all my energy and my free time and i was out most of the previous we.

And i don’ know if i’ll be on much this weekend, but def will have a VERY hard work week next week.

If i don’t answer mesages mean i didn’t recieve it or havent seen it yet !

I just checked and answered all had, just so you know.

I miss you guys A LOT just realy a lot, and i wish i could be on more but … i really can’t; no tumbl, no phoshop for me.! plus i’m getting late on watching shows ugh !

Hope you guys understand !


What: All Saints red check maze parka jacket | $678 (no longer available)
Where: Beauty and the Beast, 2x17

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Beauty and the Beast - 'Ever After'

Jay Ryan

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Watch last night’s episode of Beauty and the Beast now!

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This blog is dedicated to the new hit series Beauty And the Beast. You'll find tuns of graphics/edits on all characters and ship, all the info on the show, a Fic Rec list, and even some goodies (wallpapers, icons ...).

Enjoy the blog and feel free to make suggestion to make it better =}.

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