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For Padyn 🐾 💛🎂Happy Birthday buddy! You were the first person to help me out on tumblr ~ luvya! Live it Up! Cheers! 😀

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YAY - padyn -



Okay I’m really excited about this post and its technical October 18 on the east coast and on the other side of the pond sooooooo… 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PADYN AKA beastlypadynlecki!!!!!!!!!!!!

For you my love I give you “The good, the dark, the funny, and the adorable of Jay Ryan.” Thank you for being there for me during these downhill months. Sorry I can’t be there on your day, but i’m with you in spirit. 

For everyone else, enjoy…reblog….and celebrate my favorite beasties birthday by sending her some love.

Also please do not steal these. This is my first gif set I’ve made since July after having to leave the place I called home after many years. Its not easy to make heavy duties gifs (like this set) without having a desk for my desktop to sit at or internet connected to post these. But today is a special day so i endured an hour and half sitting on the floor in my room and using two computers (my laptop to download clips and uploads these, and my desktop to make and edit the gifs). So be kind and do not repost these as your own please. Thanks 

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YAY - padyn -

Today (Saturday) is the birthday of one of my dearest friend in the BATB fandom !

Please go and with an amazing bday to Padyn, a fellow beastie ;)

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